Flight Options Press Release

Flight Options Introduces Innovative Program for the Legacy

Fractional provider offers large cabin capacity at the Occupied Hourly Rate of a mid-size aircraft

CLEVELAND (March 16, 2004) – Flight Options, LLC, a leading provider of fractional shares in jet aircraft and an affiliate of Raytheon Company (NYSE: RTN), announced today that the company is offering a low Occupied Hourly Rate when purchasing a share on the newest addition to its fleet, the Legacy.

“We are inaugurating the Flight Options Legacy program with the industry’s most-compelling value proposition,” said John Nahill, chairman and chief executive officer of Flight Options, LLC.  “By participating in this program, our owners are able to utilize the amenities of a large cabin aircraft at the hourly cost of a mid-size jet.”

For a limited time, those purchasing a luxurious new Legacy aircraft can take advantage of an Occupied Hourly Rate that rivals the rate of operating a mid-size Hawker 800XP. The reduced hourly rates on the new Legacies will remain in effect for the first 24 months of ownership.

Powered by Rolls-Royce AE3007A1E engines, the Legacy reaches a maximum speed of Mach .80.  In addition, the aircraft delivers a range of 3,250 nautical miles.  The Legacy is also equipped with the latest in avionics technology for global navigation.

With standard seating for 13 passengers and a 1,410 cubic foot cabin, the Legacy is the epitome of luxury in business aviation.  Shareowners and their passengers experience three different seating areas: forward club seating; center dining and meeting table; and a semi-private aft cabin, which includes a divan.  In addition, there is a walk-in access to the 240 cubic feet of baggage space, the largest baggage volume in the Flight Options fleet.

Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Flight Options is the world’s fastest growing fractional provider and employs more than 1,400 professionals nationwide.  Flight Options offers fractional shares and leases in its fleet of over 220 aircraft, which includes the world’s largest fleets of King Airs, Beechjet 400As and Hawker 800s.  The fleet also includes the CitationJet, Hawker 400XP, Citation V, Citation 650, Falcon 50, Citation X, Challenger 601, Gulfstream IV and the Legacy."

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