Flight Options Press Release

Flight Options Introduces CitationJet

Flight Options has added the CitationJet to its fleet. The entry level CJ light jet will be the lowest priced jet offered in a national fractional ownership program

Flight Options, the premier provider of pre-owned fractional jet aircraft, has added the CitationJet (CJ) to its fleet, which includes the Citation II, Beechjet 400A, Citation V, Citation III, Hawker 800, Falcon 50,  Challenger 601, and Gulfstream IV.

The entry level CitationJet will seat five passengers with club seating, a recessed aisle, and sound dampening materials.  The CJ cruises at 443 mph up to 41,000 feet which enables it to avoid inclement weather.  Its excellent short field performance allows Flight Options’ customers greater range out of high altitude and short field airports. 

Flight Options is currently accepting placement orders for delivery this summer with a $12,500 refundable deposit.  A sixteenth share will be priced at $195,000 (excluding monthly management fees) with hourly operating costs at $995.  The CJ will be operating in the Flight Options program in June.  The CJ offered by Flight Options is the lowest priced jet in any national fractional aircraft ownership program.

Flight Options International, Inc. is located in Cleveland, Ohio and operates with an emphasis on bringing pre-owned jets to the fractional ownership market. Flight Options began operations in October 1998 and currently has over 650 owners in its program."

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