Flight Options Press Release

Flight Options Continues As Industry Innovator

NEW ORLEANS, LA (October 10, 2000) -- Flight Options, the United States fastest growing fractional jet ownership program, announced today they have completed installation of Jeppesen’s JeppView Flight Guide System.  In addition, the company will also serve as the launch customer for Baker Electronics’ JetMap Passenger Moving Map and Information System.

Flight Options began the conversion to a paperless cockpit environment in March of 2000.  The systems were first installed in the company’s Citation II and Beechjet aircraft.  Now each jet in Flight Options’ fleet of  82 jets carry two pen-based computers equipped with this powerful navigation software.  Except for the Citation II, which is completely paperless, all Flight Options’ jets carry traditional Jeppesen manuals for backup.

The JeppView Flight Guide System was initially purchased to serve as a central location for flight information such as flight planning, enroute moving maps and Jeppesen instrument Terminal Charts for approach, departure, arrival and airports.  Flight Options has worked with Jeppesen to expand the functionality of the system.  Through their customization efforts, the system now includes aircraft performance calculation features, electronic maintenance and operation manuals, as well as aircraft wiring diagrams.  These additions will allow for convenient maintenance at multiple facilities.

Moving out of the cockpit and into the cabin, Flight Options’ customers will be the first of any fractional jet share customers to experience Baker Electronics’ JetMap, the companies new passenger moving map and information system.  JetMap provides passengers a complete set of detailed worldwide maps, continuous flight path positions and a high-resolution terrain along a specified path.  In addition, it constantly monitors and relays destination information, ground speed, airspeed and distance remaining to a destination.

Flight Options will continue to use Baker Electronics’ MH Cabin Management System for the jets in their fleet.  The MH system is an all-inclusive system controlling everything from lighting and cabin temperature to audio/video distribution and headphone volume.

Flight Options International, Inc. is located in Cleveland, Ohio and operates with an emphasis on bringing pre-owned jets to the fractional ownership market. Flight Options began operations in October 1998 and offers fractional shares in its fleet of 80 aircraft, which includes the Citation II, Beechjet 400A, Citation III, Hawker 800, Falcon 50, Challenger 601 and Gulfstream IV."

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