Flight Options Press Release

The Gift of Flight: Flight Options Joins Corporate Angel Network

CLEVELAND, OH -- This holiday, the gift of flight may help save a life.   On behalf of its more than 215 owners, Flight Options will make a donation of ten occupied flight hours - valued at approximately $20,000 - to the Corporate Angel Network, Inc. (CAN), a non-profit nationwide program designed to help cancer patients travel to and from recognized cancer treatment centers. 

“The most important advantage is that it allows cancer patients to fly in dignity and comfort and it tells them at a very low point in their lives that somebody cares,” says, Priscilla Blum, a Director of CAN.

CAN was started in 1981 by Priscilla Blum, Jay Weinberg, and Leonard Greene three former cancer patients who understand first-hand what it means to travel great distances for the best care.   The cost for travel is almost never covered by medical insurance and commercial air travel is all too often a stressful experience.

“On behalf of our 215 fractional owners, we felt this was an incredible opportunity to do what we do best - which is provide an unprecedented quality of air travel - to a group of individuals for whom it will make a real difference,” says Kenn Ricci, Chairman and CEO of Flight Options.

Flight Options is the fastest growing nationally-available fractional ownership program in the industry.   Located in Cleveland, Ohio, Flight Options was formed with an emphasis on bringing value-added jets to the fractional ownership market."

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