Flight Options Fractional Private Jet Ownership

How Fractional Jet Ownership Works

Purchase an undivided interest in a specific Flight Options private aircraft for up to a 5-year term. The size of the aircraft and share will be directly related to the number of hours you anticipate flying and the distance of your trips. Share sizes range from 50 to 800 hours per year.

If you are looking for all the benefits of owning your own aircraft without the burdens of crewing, maintenance and insurance, then Fractional Jet Ownership is the program for you. When purchasing a share, you will pay a Monthly Management Fee, which covers items such as pilot provisions and training, insurance, hangaring and administrative costs.

Your Occupied Hourly Rate covers the direct costs of operating your aircraft: maintenance, engine reserves, pilot fees, catering, etc. Enjoy low hourly rates for your entire term, with access to the Primary and Extended Service Areas without ferry fees. As a Fractional Owner, you can book your travel with a 10-hour response time.

Flight Options Fractional Private Jet ownership program video

Access To Multiple Cabins

The Fractional Jet Ownership program is also highly flexible. When your mission calls for a different cabin type than your fractional purchase, you can utilize the Flight Options’ Aircraft Interchange Program to migrate up or down our fleet line. For example, a large cabin can carry up to 13 passengers to a trade show, while a light jet is perfect for a ski trip for two.

Unsure If Fractional Jet Ownership Is Right For You?

Use our Mission Discovery tool to determine which program is right for you.

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