Flight Options Press Release

Flight Options Awards $1 Million Contract to Audio International

October 18, 1998 (Cleveland, Ohio) -- Flight Options, Inc, the first nationally-available pre-owned jet ownership program, today awarded Audio International, Inc. the contract to design and supply “state-of-the-art” digital in-flight entertainment and cabin management systems for their fleet. Value of the contract is projected in excess of $1 million.

“Flight Options believes our owners deserve the absolute finest in-flight entertainment, together with the convenience of an all-digital cabin management system. Only Audio International could provide us with the fully-integrated digital system that can accommodate the cabin demands for all of our aircraft, from the Citation to the Gulfstream,” said Darnell H. Martens, Flight Options president.

“Our partnership with Flight Options represents an exciting opportunity to introduce the latest technology to the business/VIP aircraft industry,” said Bobby Brown, Audio International CEO. “The commitment made to implement the latest digital system will ensure that Flight Options’ aircraft will be engineered to integrate the most advanced entertainment and cabin management components available,” Brown continued. “Owners in the Flight Options program will enjoy such refinements as DVD players, touchscreen monitors and touchscreen PCU switch panels.”

Flight Options, Inc., based in Cleveland, Ohio, makes aircraft available throughout the United States, and offers pre-owned aircraft at substantial cost savings to corporations and individuals.
Flight Options’ parent company, Corporate Wings, Inc., also headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, has been recognized as an industry leader in transportation services, maintenance and aircraft operations for twenty years."

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