Flight Options Press Release

ARG/US Results Rate Flight Options #1 in Reliability

Fractional Jet Provider’s Internal Progress is Confirmed by Fractional Ownership Experience Study Ratings

CLEVELAND, OH (July 5, 2001) -- Flight Options, Inc., the nation’s fastest growing fractional jet program, was rated number one in program reliability by the Aviation Research Group/U.S. (ARG/US).  ARG/US released its 2001 Fractional Aircraft Ownership Experience Study covering operations for the calendar year 2000 for the four major fractional programs. 

The study is a non-bias, methodical examination of customer satisfaction within the fractional aircraft ownership industry.  The study provides a measurement of the current level of satisfaction of fractional aircraft shareowners with regard to numerous aspects of the aircraft and the programs with which they are involved.  Each program is ranked on seven different categories on a scale of one to five.

Flight Options ranked first or second in five of the seven categories—ranking #1 of all of the programs in reliability and #1 on the program’s ability to solve problems.  This year’s results showed significant progress from last year. “Our focus this year has been on refining operations,” said Kenn Ricci, Chairman and CEO, Flight Options.  “Internally, our numbers have improved in areas such as fleet readiness and occupied rate and the [ARG/US] survey results reflect this progress.”

Flight Options, Inc. began its pre-owned fractional program in October 1998 and announced its 700th customer in June 2001, making it the fastest growing fractional jet program.  The company operates with an emphasis in bringing pre-owned jets to the fractional ownership market.  Flight Options offers fractional shares in its fleet of 86 aircraft, which includes the CitationJet, Citation II, Beechjet 400A, Citation V, Citation III, Hawker 800, Falcon 50, Challenger 601 and Gulfstream IV."

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