Flight Options Private Jet Safety

Our Number One Priority Is Your Safety

Through our unwavering commitment, Flight Options has achieved world-class safety performance that is unmatched by the competition. We are devoted to exceeding the highest safety standards through our passionate attention to detail, dedicated resources and accountability. Flight Options is the only operator in the industry to exercise complete transparency in our reporting. We do not hide our safety record, and we are willing to match ours against any other in the industry.

Download the Flight Options Safety Whitepaper (PDF) for full details about our award-winning safety practices and procedures. Also, visit our Operations Control Center Tour page to view a first-hand testimonial from our Aviation Safety Manager.

  • ARG/US® Platinum Safety Rating

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    ARG/US has grown to become the industry leader in aviation information, analysis and distribution. Through the biannual ARG/US On-Site Safety Audit, private jet travelers can gain objective insight into the safety histories and current operation of business jet operators. Flight Options was the first fractional provider worldwide to receive the ARG/US Platinum Rating, and is the only provider to receive it seven consecutive times, equating to a span of 14 years of maintaining this elite rating.

    ARG/US developed a rating structure called the CHEQ System which generates a report covering three major components: historical safety ratings, current aircraft and pilot data, and on-site safety audits. A thorough analysis of these components results in three potential levels of safety ratings: Gold, Gold Plus and Platinum. Each level reflects an increasing amount of detailed information on the operator showing that they have exceeded the established ARG/US standards for safety.

    The ARG/US Safety Ratings are the recognized standard in the charter and fractional industry. The Platinum level is the highest safety rating, and is awarded only to exceptional operators who meet or exceed the highest standards in aircrew experience and training, aircraft operations, safety, and maintenance. Each year, it becomes increasingly more difficult to obtain and maintain the Platinum level, as the bar is consistently raised.

    Flight Options will provide you with a copy of our ARG/US CHEQ report along with reports from any competitive aircraft company. Simply fill out the form and select which providers you would like to compare. Click to request a report.

    ARG/US® is a registered trademark of ARGUS International Inc.

  • FAA Diamond Certificate of Excellence

    Flight Options is an eight time recipient of the Diamond Certificate of Excellence, which is the highest certificate awarded by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for maintenance. This award encourages aviation maintenance technicians (AMTs) and their employers to actively participate in aggressive initial and recurrent maintenance training courses. To qualify for the prestigious FAA Diamond Award of Excellence, 100 percent of an organization's eligible maintenance technicians must complete specialized, continuous training in aircraft systems, regulations and FAA rules over a 12-month period.

    Every Flight Options technician within our five in-house maintenance facilities is certified by the FAA and participates in this rigorous training standard to maintain the Diamond level of achievement. This award is presented annually to US-based AMT employers that take a proactive role in training their entire technical workforce. The award levels are based upon the extent of training hours conducted, essentially equating to a safe and knowledgeable force of AMTs. Receiving this rating ensures that all Flight Options aircraft are maintained by the most dedicated mechanics in the industry.

  • FAA Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP)

    Flight Options was the first fractional provider to participate in the FAA’s ASAP for crew and maintenance teams. This industry-leading safety reporting program encourages flight crews and maintenance technicians to voluntarily report critical safety information, helping to proactively identify and correct hazards. Due to the success of this program with Flight Options, many other providers in the industry have adopted and implemented this into their own operation.

  • Unsurpassed Pilot Training

    Flight Options’ flight standards and training requirements far exceed regulatory requirements as well as industry standards to ensure the highest levels of safety. Each of our pilots average over 160 hours of training annually and over 10,000 hours of total time. Every Flight Options pilot holds an Airline Transport Pilot certificate, as well as being FAA type-rated and Part 135 Pilot-In-Command (PIC) qualified in the aircraft they fly. This ensures that every flight is crewed with two PIC qualified pilots with training that far exceeds the industry standard.

  • Check Airman Status

    Senior pilots, referred to as Check Airmen, serve as in-house experts lending support to pilots out in the field while consulting with management on daily operational situations, requirements and regulations. Flight Options has the highest ratio of Check Airmen to aircraft of any national provider in the industry. Our Check Airman qualification program is extensive and an integral component to ensuring a smooth and safely run operation. Check Airmen are certified by the FAA to conduct check rides and provide Annual Line Training (ALT) for all Flight Options pilots.

  • Quality Assurance

    Flight Options implements dedicated resources that continuously monitor and evaluate aspects of our certification for maintenance, record keeping and training to ensure that we maintain operation at the high level requirements for quality. Through policies, audits and procedures, we sustain full oversight of our maintenance programs, with complete transparency of our record keeping and full disclosure to the FAA. Our in-house Quality Assurance (QA) team is the principal liaison to our FAA Certificate Management Unit (CMU), which includes five federal airworthiness inspectors dedicated exclusively to Flight Options.

    Flight Options meets or exceeds the stringent industry guidelines already in place, by choosing to be held to the highest degree of FAA oversight for fractional operators under 14 CFR part 135. Our QA team maintains the Flight Options Continuous Airworthiness Maintenance Program (CAMP), which consists of FAA approved inspection requirements that ensure the highest levels of safety and reliability. Flight Options’ internal Maintenance Control Center is the principal entity for quality control where electronic copies of all required maintenance documents are checked for accuracy and compliance with our FAA approved program before aircraft are released to the operation. Our policy for “100% buy-back” of that paperwork is carried out by the QA team, who performs an audit of each document before entering it into the permanent record of the aircraft. Jointly, this method of data compilation, audit, and entry of aircraft maintenance documentation is successful in ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and results in a less than 1% error rate in maintenance documentation.

    Another standout structure of our quality assurance process is our Continuing Analysis and Surveillance System (CASS). This FAA directed program is designed to monitor, identify, and correct reliability, safety, and quality trends by operators of large aircraft such as the commercial airlines or, in the case of Flight Options, voluntarily by operators with large fleets of smaller aircraft. Flight Options’ CASS program has been acclaimed as industry-leading and the FAA has called it, “one of the most comprehensive and impressive CASS programs in the industry.” Through this program, Flight Options monitors all mechanical discrepancies for identification of trends and report them to the FAA each month. We are able to effectively produce reliability improvements to a level that most of our competitors cannot achieve. This is done by the use of our in-house maintenance network, in-house engineering processes and in-house technical experts with dedicated reliability personnel whose sole job is to identify potential negative trends before they become systemic problems that impact our ability to provide reliable services to our clients. By constantly evaluating the immense amount of data generated every day by our operations, we are able to proactively plan for events before they happen, which decreases down time and improves product reliability and dispatch availability.

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