Flight Options Press Release

Flight Options First Fractional to Add Paperless Cockpit Technology to Aircraft

Cleveland, OH—Flight Options, Inc., the fastest growing fractional jet ownership program in the US, will upgrade its entire fleet with the latest in paperless cockpit technology.  The first company of its kind to deploy such technology, Flight Options has installed JeppView Electronic Flight Guide Systems in all of its Citation II and Beechjet aircraft.  The remainder of Flight Options fleet, which consists of Hawker 800, Falcon 50, and Challenger 601 aircraft, will receive the new flight guide systems this summer.

The JeppView Flight Guide System is an electronic airway manual service that provides powerful navigation software in a pen-based computer.  Serving as a one-stop source for flight information needs, JeppView provides flight planning, enroute moving maps and Jeppesen instrument Terminal Charts for approach, departure, arrival and airports.  This easy-to-use computer also provides electronic versions of the aircraft minimum equipment list (MEL), general operations manual, emergency and normal check lists as well as a sophisticated aircraft performance program.

“We pride ourselves on being innovators in our industry in order to provide the highest possible level of customer service and safety,” says Flight Options Chairman and CEO, Kenn Ricci.  “The benefits of paperless system help our pilots as well as our owners, and we strive to be at the forefront of all advancements to improve their flying experience.”

Benefits of the JeppView system are numerous.  Compared to the hand calculating and paper manuals pilots traditionally use, JeppView is much faster and more accurate.  The JeppView system also returns one-third of the available baggage space for passenger use, as less physical space is required.  It will dramatically improve the performance of Flight Options pilots as it automatically updates flight manuals—a typically tedious and time-consuming process. 

JeppView has storage capabilities for all of the aircraft’s paperwork including maintenance manuals, wiring diagrams and manifests, making it much easier for pilots to access important data quickly.

Another intriguing aspect of the system involves ergonomics.  The unit’s screen is touch-sensitive, designed for use without a keyboard or mouse.  The computer recognizes handwriting and translates it to typed text.  In addition, the touchscreen is highly readable in bright sunlight.

Flight Options began its pre-owned fractional program in October 1998 and announced its 200th customer in December of 1999, making it the fastest growing fractional program. Flight Options Inc. features fractional ownership programs for new and previously owned business jets including the Citation II, Beechjet 400A, Hawker 800, Falcon 50, Challenger 601 and Envoy 7 (to begin in 2003).

A leading corporate jet transportation company, Flight Options, Inc., is a division of Corporate Wings Inc., located in Cleveland, Ohio.  Flight Options operates with an emphasis on bringing value-added jets to the fractional ownership market."

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